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Language news (guest content from Phil Nash)

June saw another virtual plenary session on the standards committee, the full working-group meeting where papers are voted on for the draft standard. Herb Sutter wrote his regular trip report providing us with highlights, and we’ll look at some of those.

Before we do that, though, it’s worth reflecting on a comment Herb makes about the process still being on the original schedule, and with the original priorities. That means that the next meeting, scheduled for this fall, will be the last one for introducing new features targeting C++23. The meeting after that should be “feature-complete”! With C++20 only recently finalized and compilers still only partially supporting it, this might sound surprising, and even more so when you consider how few features have been voted in so far. But that might be a good thing! C++20 was a big release with some far-reaching features added. We could probably do with more of a “maintenance release” to round out support for those features, fix a few problems that have sprung up around them, and get in a few smaller features if we can. C++23 may finally be the year of modules on the desktop. Or something.

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C++ Annotated: June 2021
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