Python Data Types for Beginners | Python tutorial

Learn Python data types in this beginners tutorial. You will learn about Python basic data types, literal assignments, constructor functions, methods, built-in Python functions, and more.

Python Data Types Tutorial 🐍

(00:00) Intro
(00:05) Welcome
(00:13) Naming a Python file
(01:01) Literal Assignment & Checking Data Types
(03:37) Constructor functions
(05:49) String concatenation
(07:00) Casting a number to a string
(08:39) Multi-line strings
(10:07) Escaping Special Characters
(12:51) String Methods
(19:19) Building a Menu
(22:18) String Indexes & Index Ranges
(24:36) Boolean data type
(27:48) Integer data type
(28:50) Float data type
(29:36) Complex numeric data type
(30:53) Built-in numeric functions
(32:51) The math module
(35:31) Casting a string to a number

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Python Tutorial for Beginners: Data Types
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