Moolib: A Library for Distributed ML Training with PyTorch


moolib - a communications library for distributed ML training

moolib offers general purpose RPC with automatic transport selection (shared memory, TCP/IP, Infiniband) allowing models to data-parallelise their training and synchronize gradients and model weights across many nodes.

moolib is an RPC library to help you perform distributed machine learning research, particularly reinforcement learning. It is designed to be highly flexible and highly performant.

It is flexible because it allows researchers to define their own training loops and data-collection policies with minimal interference or abstractions - moolib gets out of the way of research code.

It is performant because it gives researchers the power of efficient data-parallelization across GPUs with minimal overhead, in a manner that is highly scalable.

moolib aims to provide researchers with the freedom to implement whatever experiment loop they desire, and the freedom to scale it up from single GPUs to hundreds at will (with no additional code). It ships with a reference implementations IMPALA on Atari that can easily be adapted to other environments or algorithms.


To compile moolib without CUDA support


To install from GitHub:

pip install git+

To build from source:

git clone --recursive
cd moolib
pip install .

Run an Example

To run the example agent on a given Atari level:

First, start the broker:

python -m

It will output something like Broker listening at

Note that a single broker is enough for all your experiments.

Now take the IP address of your computer. If you ssh'd into your machine, this should work (in a new shell):

export BROKER_IP=$(echo $SSH_CONNECTION | cut -d' ' -f3)  # Should give your machine's IP.
export BROKER_PORT=4431

To start an experiment with a single peer:

python -m examples.vtrace.experiment connect=BROKER_IP:BROKER_PORT \
    savedir=/tmp/moolib-atari/savedir \
    project=moolib-atari \
    group=Zaxxon-Breakout \

To add more peers to this experiment, start more processes with the same project and group settings, using a different setting for device (default: 'cuda:0').



Show results on Atari

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Moolib: A Library for Distributed ML Training with PyTorch
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