Today’s discussion is based on cloud computing. Before going onto the cloud, first, let’s check out server computing.

So here, a request from the clients goes to the server, but there’s a network in between both of them called the Internet, which works the same as our daily life post service or mail Service.

We wrote a letter and dropped it to the mailbox so the postman took that mail and sent it to the recipient. So the postman is the network, the sender is clients and the receiver is server.

Assembling Server

What is a server composed of?

  • Compute: CPU
  • Memory: RAM
  • Storage: Data
  • Database: Store data in a structured way
  • Network: Routers, switch, DNS server

So our Tradition IT Approach is stored the data in Server and set that server in any warehouse or building sector


Cloud Computing: Today’s discussion is based on cloud computing
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