Even though we strive for success in whatever journey we undertake, sometimes failure is inevitable. But in most cases, if we just avoid a few blunders and get through major challenges hampering progress, the path to success won’t seem so challenging. The same goes for agile testing teams where the pressure of continuous delivery can be overwhelming.

Now, I’m not telling you to aim for 100% perfection. ‘Figure out everything before leaving the room.’ Doesn’t this approach to sprint planning sound like a hostage situation? Agile testing teams usually try to eliminate the uncertainty factor as much as possible. But don’t you think keeping it short and effective would yield better results?

This was just an example of the hurdles that can actually sabotage a sprint! Speaking of which, in this article, I’m going to take a detailed look into some of the challenges in Agile Testing by every tester. So, let’s begin.

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Top 13 Challenges Faced In Agile Testing By Every Tester
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