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🎬CSS Responsive Card Hover Effects | HTML & CSS

In today’s episode we are going create from scratch, step-by-step a “CSS Responsive Card Hover Effects”, Basically, we are going to create a card with two parts face1 and face2, one with the social network icon and the other with a link and some text; and when you hover over it, it opens and show you the text you want to show.

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⏱️ Chapters:
00:00 - Intro
00:58 - Boilerplate
01:39 - HTML
05:50- CSS

🧠Concepts covered in this project:

  • CSS - Flexbox
  • CSS - Positioning: Absolute vs Relative
  • CSS - Transitions

Sound | Fonts | Pics used in this Project: https://bit.ly/3cp2S5W

CSS Responsive Card Hover Effects | Html and CSS
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