Last week, Microsoft released the first preview of .NET 6. The new version of the framework represents the final steps of the .NET unification plan that started with .NET 5, providing a cross-platform open-source platform for all things .NET. This first preview brings performance improvements and features such as WPF support for ARM64, support for Apple Silicon, and a redesigned thread pool. .NET 6 will be officially released in November, together with ASP.NET Core 6 and EF Core 6.

.NET 6 is the last step towards the long-expected .NET unification plan, aiming to provide a cross-platform, open-source framework for all things .NET. The new version of the framework includes exciting new projects such as a multi-platform UI toolkit built upon Xamarin, Blazor desktop apps, and “fast inner loop”, a set of improvements and functionalities focused on speeding the build process (or - in some cases - skipping it altogether). According to Richard Lander, program manager at Microsoft for the .NET Team:

.NET 6 will enable you to build the apps that you want to build, for the platforms you want to target, and on the operating systems you want to use for development. […] If you are a desktop app developer, there are new opportunities for you to reach new users. If you are a mobile app developer, you will benefit from using the mainline .NET tools and APIs while targeting iOS and Android platforms. If you are a web or cloud developer, it will be easier to expose services to .NET mobile apps and share code with them.

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