How does a crypto launchpad make money?

Generating more money is one of the main reasons why many people ask the following question: How to make money with cryptocurrencies? To answer it, we will describe eight of the most used methods to make money with cryptocurrencies. Launchpad development company have been successful strategies used by investors and that to this day are reflected in the portfolios of the operators that generate the most profits in the vast universe of digital assets. Are you interested? Come on!

1. Invest in presales or ICOs
The ‘move first’ strategy is one of the most used by successful investors. Very simple, because this way we can buy the cryptocurrency we want at a price much lower than the value it will have once it hits the market and much lower than the maximums it will have once it is a popular project. Two of the most successful pre-sales in market history have been Ethereum (ETH) and Eos (EOS), each raising 31,500 bitcoins (BTC) and $4 billion, respectively.


Ethereum’s offer was 1 BTC for 2,000 ETH and Eos’s was $1 per token . Seeing the values ​​of these cryptocurrencies at this time, it is evident that it was a success for all those who decided to bet on these proposals.

As of today, one of the best pre-sale and most notable cryptocurrencies of the year is Wall Street Memes, which has managed to raise more than 25 million dollars and seeks to reach 30 million.


2. Betting long term or better known as Staking
Staking involves purchasing, holding and locking a certain amount of cryptocurrencies in a predefined wallet or platform. This supports the operations and security of the blockchain in which we are operating. As a reward for this ‘work’, participants receive returns in the form of tokens .

In terms of performance, this often depends on the cryptocurrency being staked and the length of the lock. In most cases, staking a smaller cap token for a longer lock-up period will generate the highest returns. Cryptocurrencies that have already completed their pre-sale with a successful staking process have been BTC20, which has managed to block 54% of the tokens once it began trading on exchange platforms.


3. Play to Earn (P2E)
Another popular option, especially for those on a very tight budget, is to participate in video games that offer rewards for completing missions. This is the play to earn mechanic or known as playing to win.

The growth of the entire ‘GameFi’ sector has grown exponentially and according to data from Absolute Reports , its capitalization will reach $2.8 billion by 2028, with growth of more than 20% annually.

4. Yield Farming and Loans
Both yield farming and crypto lending are ways to passively generate income with cryptocurrencies.

The first involves lending idle tokens directly to an exchange to receive a portion of the trading fees that will be conducted on them. The second is precisely to lend cryptocurrencies to other users in exchange for interest that will give us income without doing much else.

5. Day Trading
Of course, trading with cryptocurrencies is also an option, since you try to take advantage of the volatility of the market with the daily purchase and sale of tokens .

To make profits day trading cryptocurrencies, the concept is to make small returns, but frequently. It should be noted that to make money with cryptocurrencies through a day trading strategy, there must be a solid understanding of how to analyze the markets. These types of strategies require greater training and study of how markets, risk assets and particularly cryptocurrencies work.

6. Long-term investment and holdings
Buying and holding one or several cryptocurrencies looking to play with volatility and speculation in a highly volatile market is the reason why many people bought BTC before 2010 and celebrated in style when it reached $60,000.

Crucially, by adopting a long-term buy and hold strategy, investors can avoid the need to constantly check market prices. Additionally, holding a cryptocurrency position for the long term allows the investor to overcome short-term volatility and wild price swings.

7. Rewards, airdrops and gifts
One of the best-known methods to attract new investors to a project that is just starting or that needs to create more community is gifts, airdrops and loyalty rewards .

Each of these processes are generally based on distributing free tokens as a means of exposure to the market. Generally, certain requirements have to be met and if the project turns out to be a success, those Crypto launchpad development that we obtained without buying them could make the difference between hundreds and thousands of dollars.

8. Mining cryptocurrencies
A final option to consider when exploring ways to make profits through cryptocurrencies is mining. This process involves connecting specialized hardware to a blockchain network and verifying transactions through energy consumption. When miners validate a block, they receive rewards in the form of tokens .

However, mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is no longer viable for average users as it is dominated by large platforms with access to advanced technology. The good news is that you can mine cryptocurrencies without purchasing hardware or spending a lot of energy, through cloud mining platforms that combine resources from remote investors.

How does a crypto launchpad make money?
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