I have been using Amazon Dynamo DB in my daily job for about 1 year. While writing queries and operation codes in Dynamo DB, I have experienced a sense of repetition in my work multiple times. It was like, there was something which can be automated and could save multiple extra lines of code. So I decided to write a library which will act as a layer between the AWS Dynamo Client and the User’s operation code.

Dynamo DB is a fully managed NoSQL Database service provided by Amazon. If you have used AWS before, you can find it among one of their services. It’s pretty easy to use as most of the things are taken care by the AWS under the hood. It scales really well too! You can read more about  Dynamo DB here.

Now talking about my library Simple Dynamo, I am designing it in a way that will allow the developers to work with Dynamo in a simpler way and with fewer lines of code as well. In general, if you have to interact with dynamo, you need to put all the Attribute keys and their values inside an associative array (params) along with marshalling some values as well and then pass that array into the dynamo client. Then dynamo client returns the result which is further required to be unmarshalled as well. A lot of work to be done at our end right? Keeping this in mind, I am designing this library which may prove to be efficient to the developers out there.

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I am writing a Library for Query Simplification in Dynamo DB
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