Technologies That I’ll Be Learning in 2021 as a MERN Stack Developer (with resources)

There are a lot of things to learn as a MERN Stack Developer. For example TypeScript, JavaScript, React-Query, Tailwind CSS, Next.js, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, and more!

2020 has been a year of learning for me and I’m positive that this has been the case for tons of other self taught developers out there. From React to Redux to MERN stack, 2020 has shaped me into becoming a full stack developer, something that I’m passionate about.

Going forward, I have decided to learn the following technologies in 2021. While this is not a ‘top 10’ list for things that you SHOULD learn, this is just my take on it. Having said that, please feel free to share your opinions or suggest new technologies. I’ve also left some links to free resources for learning all the technologies I talk about. Alright, enough talk. Let’s dive into the main stuff.


One thing that I was grateful for in 2020 was that I was able to build big projects, to a level that it was becoming kind of tedious to keep up with the bugs and potential issues that were popping up. Enter TypeScript! I’ve heard lots of people praising TypeScript for exactly solving this problem. Since it’s also used in lots of production level projects, I see no reason to avoid TypeScript.

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Technologies That I'll Be Learning in 2021 As A MERN Stack Developer (with Resources)
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