This video on ReactJS Projects helps you build two applications. One is a simple calculator application for basic operations and a Spotify music app to easily search and save your desired songs. ReactJS is a popular JavaScript library used to build interactive user interface. This library is widely used by developers around the world since it is easy to use and developer friendly.

  • 00:00:00 ReactJS Calculator Project
  • 00:31:57 ReactJS Spotify Project

What is ReactJS?
React JS is an open-source JavaScript library that helps in building dynamic user interfaces for one-page applications. It handles the view layer for web and mobile apps and also allows developers to create reusable UI components. React is the most popular front-end JavaScript library in the field of web development. It is used by large, established companies and newly-minted startups alike (Netflix, Airbnb, Instagram, and the New York Times, to name a few). React brings many advantages to the table, making it a better choice than other frameworks like Angular.js.

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ReactJS Projects - Building Spotify And Calculator App | ReactJS Project Tutorial | Simplilearn
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