In warden it is possible to set up multiple domains for your project. Warden uses Traefik and is installed as a Global Service.

Traefik ensures that requests are intercepted and sent to the correct back-end service e.g. https: //app.example1.test https: //app.example2.test. For this it uses an HTTP reverse proxy and a load balancer.

It also has a dashboard to monitor different metrics. This can be found if you go to https:  https://traefik.warden.test/.

Before continuing, make sure you have set up a multistore in Magento. You can read how to do this in my previous blog post  “How to Setup a Multistore in Magento 2”.

The following must be configured to set up a multi-domain locally for your Magento Shop.

  1. Sign certificates for your new domains
  2. Configure Nginx and Varnish to handle traffic coming from your new domains
  3. Configure Magento 2 to load different stores or websites by setting the run params.

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How to Configure a Magento Multistore in Docker
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