Frequently Asked Questions - LocalBitcoins Clone

What is LocalBitcoins Clone Script?

Localbitcoins Clone Script is a fully white label cryptocurrency exchange website clone script. This script is made of any website coding languages especially with PHP, Laravel, JAVA, Python, Java Script or any other.

How much it would cost to setup an exchange like LocalBitcoins?

All you need to start an exchange like LocalBitcoins, is Localbitcoins Clone Script. The Cost of the raw ready made clone script ranges from $1,000 to $4,000. Based on the integrated features and additional services the cost varies.

How many hours will it take to setup an exchange like LocalBitcoins?

Here is the approximate schedule, that we at bitdeal used to follow while developing a cryptocurrency exchange like LocalBitcoins
Scope Discussion and Project confirmation - Nearly 130 hours
Business Plan Presentation & Project Team Allocation - 100 Hours
Design Phase - 180 hours
Development Phase - 400 Hours
Testing Phase - 80 hours
Deployment Phase & additional Changes - 72 Hours

What kind of APIs can I expect from Bitdeal’s LocalBitcoins Clone Script?

Liquitidy API
Trading Bot API
Price Ticker API
Market Order API
Merchant API
and more

Why Choose Bitdeal for LocalBitcoins Clone ?

Bitdeal is the profoud team of proficient developers, incorporates Software Development Life Cycle Process(SDLC) to provide high quality Clone Scripts with the aim to meet or exceed customer expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions - LocalBitcoins Clone
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