Vim syntax and indent plugin for vue files



Vim syntax and indent plugin for .vue files. Mainly inspired by mxw/vim-jsx.


How to install

  • VundleVim

      Plugin 'leafOfTree/vim-vue-plugin'
  • vim-pathogen

      cd ~/.vim/bundle && \
      git clone --depth 1
  • vim-plug

      Plug 'leafOfTree/vim-vue-plugin'
  • Or manually, clone this plugin to path/to/this_plugin, and add it to rtp in vimrc

      set rtp+=path/to/this_plugin

This plugin works if filetype is set to vue. Please stay up to date. Feel free to open an issue or pull request.

How it works

Since .vue is a combination of CSS, HTML and JavaScript, so is vim-vue-plugin. (Like XML and JavaScript for .jsx).


^: see Configuration for details. Relative plugins need to be installed.


Set global variable to 1 to enable or 0 to disable. Ex:

let g:vim_vue_plugin_load_full_syntax = 1
variable description default
g:vim_vue_plugin_load_full_syntax* Enable: load all syntax files in runtimepath to enable related syntax plugins.
Disable: only in $VIMRUNTIME/syntax, ~/.vim/syntax and $VIM/vimfiles/syntax. 0
g:vim_vue_plugin_use_pug* Enable pug syntax for <template lang="pug">. 0
g:vim_vue_plugin_use_coffee Enable coffee syntax for <script lang="coffee">. 0
g:vim_vue_plugin_use_typescript Enable typescript syntax for <script lang="ts">. 0
g:vim_vue_plugin_use_less Enable less syntax for <style lang="less">. 0
g:vim_vue_plugin_use_sass Enable sass syntax for `<style lang="scss sass">`.
g:vim_vue_plugin_use_scss Enable scss syntax for <style lang="scss">. 0
g:vim_vue_plugin_use_stylus Enable stylus syntax for <style lang="stylus">. 0
g:vim_vue_plugin_has_init_indent Initially indent one tab inside style/script tags. 0+
g:vim_vue_plugin_highlight_vue_attr Highlight vue attribute value as expression instead of string. 0
g:vim_vue_plugin_highlight_vue_keyword Highlight vue keyword like data, methods, … 0
g:vim_vue_plugin_use_foldexpr Enable builtin foldexpr foldmethod. 0
g:vim_vue_plugin_debug Echo debug messages in messages list. Useful to debug if unexpected indents occur. 0

*: Vim may be slow if the feature is enabled. Find a balance between syntax highlight and speed. By the way, custom syntax can be added in ~/.vim/syntax or $VIM/vimfiles/syntax.

+: 0 for .vue and 1 for .wpy


  • g:vim_vue_plugin_load_full_syntax applies to other HTML/Sass/Less plugins.
  • filetype is set to vue so autocmds and other settings for javascript have to be manually enabled for vue.

Context based behavior

As there are more than one language in .vue file, the different behaviors like mapping or completion may be expected under different tags.

This plugin provides a function to get the tag where the cursor is in.

  • GetVueTag() => String Return value is 'template', 'script' or 'style'.


autocmd FileType vue inoremap <buffer><expr> : InsertColon()

function! InsertColon()
  let tag = GetVueTag()

  if tag == 'template'
    return ':'
    return ': '


Currently emmet-vim works regarding your HTML/CSS/JavaScript emmet settings, but it depends on how emmet-vim gets filetype and may change in the future. Feel free to report an issue if any problem appears.

Avoid overload

Since there are many sub languages included, most delays come from syntax files overload. A variable named b:current_loading_main_syntax is set to vue which can be used as loading condition if you’d like to manually find and modify the syntax files causing overload.

For example, the builtin syntax sass.vim and less.vim in vim8.1 runtime and pug.vim in vim-pug/syntax always load css.vim which this plugin already loads. It can be optimized like

- runtime! syntax/css.vim
+ if !exists("b:current_loading_main_syntax")
+   runtime! syntax/css.vim
+ endif

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Vim syntax and indent plugin for vue files
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