To stay competitive and bring value to customers, organisations are adopting DevOps, but finding people experienced in DevOps can be challenging. Robert Sheldon has ten tips to help managers attract and retain DevOps talent.

DevOps can help organizations become more agile and responsive to their customers, but it’s only as effective as the individuals who participate on the DevOps teams. Getting the right people in place is paramount to a successful DevOps implementation. Organizations need professionals with expertise in DevOps methodologies and who can work effectively within a cross-functional team structure. But such individuals can be difficult to find, especially as more organizations embrace DevOps for their application delivery.

Competition for qualified DevOps professionals has never been steeper, and managers have to work harder than ever to get the people they need for their teams. In this article, I provide ten tips for attracting and retaining DevOps talent but keep in mind that these are meant only as guidelines, not absolute rules. Much will depend on your organization’s individual circumstances and DevOps operations. That said, these tips should provide you with a good starting point for understanding the types of issues to take into account when looking to hire DevOps professionals.


Ten tips for attracting and retaining DevOps talent
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