Free and open source streaming software built on OBS and Electron

Streamlabs OBS

Simple, powerful, and efficient live streaming software built on Electron and OBS.

Streamlabs OBS

This application currently only supports 64-bit Windows.



Node is required for installing npm packages and for running various scripts. We recommend the current LTS release, 8.x.x:


In order to ensure you are using the correct version of each node module, you should use the yarn package manager. Installation instructions can be found here:


Install all node modules via yarn:

yarn install

Then, compile assets with webpack:

yarn compile


If you are using Visual Studio Code, you can start the app using the built in debugger (default F5).

Otherwise, you can run the app with:

yarn start

Environment Variables

These variables can be used in development to force certain behavior.

SLOBS_FORCE_AUTO_UPDATE: Force the auto-updater to run in development. Normally this would only run in production.

SLOBS_CACHE_DIR: Force a different location for the user data cache directory.

SLOBS_DISABLE_MAIN_LOGGING: Disable javascript logging in the main process.

SLOBS_REPORT_TO_SENTRY: Report errors to sentry in the dev environment

Packaging / Distributing

Currently only Windows x64 packaging is supported.


Make sure the app is not running in your dev environment before you start the packaging process.

You can package the app by running:

yarn package

This will package a distributable installer .exe to the dist/ directory. There is also an unpacked version in dist/win-unpacked.


If you want to release a new version to the update server, you will need the following variables in your environment:


Only authorized team members have permission to release new versions. If you need help setting up your environment for release, you can ask someone on the team for help.

If your environment is properly set up, you can use the automated release script to push out a new release.

Simply run:

yarn release

and follow the instructions.

Legacy Release Checklist

NOTE: This checklist is deprecated, and is only kept here in case the automated deploy script isn’t working and we need to do a manual deploy.

  • Merge staging into master - DO NOT “Squash & Merge”, just do a regular merge
  • Check out master
  • If submodules are out of date git submodule update --init --recursive
  • Remove node modules rm -rf node_modules
  • Install fresh packages yarn install
  • Install node-obs with latest plugins yarn install-node-obs
  • Compile assets yarn compile
  • Run the test suite yarn test
  • Change the version in package.json
  • Commit and push
  • Tag the repo git tag 'v0.0.11' and git push --tags
  • Package the app yarn package
  • Run the packaged version in dist/win-unpacked and make sure it runs
  • Deploy the new version yarn deploy
  • Merge master back into staging

❤ OBS Developers

At its core, Streamlabs OBS is powered by the OBS engine. We want to thank all of the developers over at the OBS project for their years of tireless hard work, without which Streamlabs OBS wouldn’t exist today.

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Free and open source streaming software built on OBS and Electron
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