We at SoluteLabs love meddling around with tech, especially if it’s something fresh off the oven like Flutter. Here, we were sitting around on a Wednesday noon, playing truth or dare and passing the 8-ball around, when one of our developers posed the question:

Which is your favourite application development framework?

Okay, this might not be as exciting as saying, “How many tequila shots can you down at one go before passing out?” but these are developers we are talking about.

The answers came quickly.

Django. Ruby on Rails. Laravel. Ruby. Symfony. RoR… and so on.Ruby on Rails won this popularity contest, despite being one of the oldest technologies on the list.

Interest in Ruby on Rails has been waining, this much we know, but the technology still seems to be popular among hardcore developers.

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Why Ruby on Rails(RoR) is still a good choice in 2020.
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