What we will learn?

Today we are going to set up a complete CI/CD pipeline for a NodeJS app using GitHub actions and amazon web services (AWS).

For this article, we are using the Nest.js framework. All of the processes will be exactly the same for any Node.js framework. (Like Express.js)

Pre Requisites

  • A GitHub account
  • An AWS account
  • Basic Understanding of Docker
  • Basic Understanding of NestJS or NodeJS

Steps to Follow

  • Create a nestJS (will also work with any nodeJS framework) application
  • Dockerize the app
  • Create a Repository in Elastic Container Repository in AWS
  • Create a Task to Contain the Repository in Elastic Container Service
  • Create a New Target Group
  • Create a Load Balancer
  • Create a new Cluster in Elastic Container Service
  • Create a new Service to Connect them
  • Finally, add Github action to automate the whole process

#node #github #aws #express #nest

Creating a CI/CD Pipeline a NodeJS App with Github Actions and AWS
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