Accurate automation testing and seamless product delivery are the two major factors that can help build an exceptional product experience. This principle applies to a range of software products like websites, mobile applications, web applications, and more.

Every software developer wants the code to be well-tested and well-delivered to the end-user. Though this sounds complex, the process can become easier when automation takes over. That’s where Pipelines come into the play. The build & deployment pipelines help in the implementation of the automation process.


It governs all the activities, right from version control to providing applications into the hands of the end-users. This is achieved via prominent CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Circle CI, GitLab CI, etc. The combination of CI/CD with Bamboo, Gitlab, and LambdaTest helps in making the most out of DevOps and  Selenium test automation.

CI/CD with Bamboo helps in building CI/CD pipelines, especially when the application involves cross connectivity with different APIs and various third-party applications. This also provides immunity to the risk of a failed production deployment. Gitlab helps in version controlling the code, whereas CI/CD with Bamboo helps to pipeline the source code for different types of testing (i.e. cross-browser testing, white-box testing, unit testing, etc.). The best part is that the advantages offered by CI/CD with Bamboo are independent of the development language. CI/CD with Bamboo is used for PHP projects for ensuring that the code going into the production pipeline is of high quality.

Till now, we touched upon the importance of pipelines in the automated process of building software applications and deploying them to the target production environment. With the stage all set, let’s look at how to set up the CI/CD pipeline with Bamboo for the PHP project.

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  • Pre-requisites for Bamboo Installation
  • Why use Bamboo Pipeline for PHP Project
  • How to install and run Bamboo CI
  • How to Configure Bamboo CI
  • How to integrate Bamboo Pipeline With Cloud Selenium Grid
  • Using Bamboo CI/CD to run tests on LambdaTest

Bamboo is a popular Continuous Integration (CI) tool developed by Atlassian in 2007. Bamboo is a commercial product that lets you perform automated builds, tests, and releases. All of this in a single workflow!

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How to Setup CI/CD Pipeline with Bamboo for PHP Projects
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