Many software development teams focus and prioritize software architecture, performance, security, testability, and maintainability of the software but often forget to value the importance of accessibility.

Accessibility should never be an afterthought! Everyone should be a stakeholder in it; developers, designers, and of course the testers.

An analysis was brought up by WebAIM, called WebAIM Million in February 2019. It analyzed the accessibility of the top million website’s homepages and to their shock, found out 98.7% of them didn’t meet the WCAG 2 Conformance (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). When looking at the results, advocating for accessibility and teaching about it in software teams becomes significant.

The Angular team values Accessibility, but a framework by itself cannot guarantee accessibility out of the box. The Angular Components team at Google has been developing high-quality Angular Components and the Angular CDK (Component Development Kit), which includes several tools to improve accessibility.

Now let’s look at what accessibility issues are involved in building a Single Page Application and how Angular and the Angular CDK assist developers in solving some of them.

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Accessibility in Angular Applications
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