Wiki.js is a wiki engine running on Node.js and written in JavaScript. It is free software released under the Affero GNU General Public License. It is available as a self-hosted solution.

Wiki.js is a tool in the Documentation as a Service & Tools category of a tech stack.


Prerequisites: A basic knowledge of Kubernetes along with the access to a Kubernetes cluster. If you don’t have, please setup one. You can use minikube for the learning purpose.


  1. Create the Namespace.
  2. Apply the Configurations.
  3. Create the Secrets.
  4. Deploy the Service and Wiki.js application.
  5. Apply the Ingress.

Step 1: Create the Namespace.

Namespaces are used to partition a single Kubernetes cluster into multiple virtual clusters.

If you choose the ‘default’ namespace, then you can ignore this step.

kubectl create namespace wikijs


apiVersion: v1
kind: Namespace
  name: wikijs
    name: wikijs

Save the file as ‘namespace.yaml’.

$ kubectl create namespace wikijs
namespace/wikijs created

$ kubectl get namespaces
NAME                   STATUS   AGE
default                Active   331d
kube-system            Active   331d
wikijs                 Active   4s

Step 2: Apply the Configurations.

Create the configMap file which contains the wiki.js configurations details. In this article i assume that you already setup the postgreSQL instance or using the cloud SQL instance.

Here i’m using database type as postgres, you can your own database type from the following DB_TYPE : Type of database (mysqlpostgresmariadbmssql or sqlite).

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Deploy Wiki.Js on Kubernetes
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