Anyone who is starting their career as a developer or a software engineer must have faced a problem with choosing which language, framework, or tools they need to learn first. I’m sure all of you must have faced the same situation. The answer to this question is a bit tricky since there are a large number of languages and frameworks available in the software development industry. I thought of doing a comparison of three JavaScript-based frameworks since JavaScript has become the backbone of most development processes.

I have only chosen Angular, React, and Vue for my comparison. First I will bring some major surveys done in the past months into a single place to see what the trending framework is, and then I will talk about the pros and cons of these three frameworks.

Stack Overflow Survey

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In this survey by Stack Overflow to find what the most popular framework is, React and Angular placed second and third, respectively. Last year, Angular had the lead, rather than React. But still, if we consider the responses from professional developers, Angular is ranked in second place, while React is in third place. Despite the rapid development of Vue**,** this framework is only at the seventh position in the rating.

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What Will Be the Best JavaScript Framework in 2021?
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