Ansible is one of the best tools for automating your work. Kubernetes is one of the best tools for orchestrating containers. What happens when you combine the two? As you might expect, Ansible combined with Kubernetes lets you automate your container orchestration.

Ansible modules

On its own, Ansible is basically just a framework for interpreting YAML files. Its true power comes from its many modules. Modules are what enable you to invoke external applications with just a few simple configuration settings in a playbook.

There are a few modules that deal directly with Kubernetes, and a few that handle related technology like Docker  and Podman . Learning a new module is often similar to learning a new terminal command or a new API. You get familiar with a module from its documentation, you learn what arguments it accepts, and you equate its options to how you might use the application it interfaces with.


Automate your container orchestration with Ansible modules for Kubernetes
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