Better Responsive Web Design, A Structured Approach

Every front-end web developer will tell you that responsive web design is crucial in building a modern website or web app. However, unless you’re a _leet _coder who is too cool to admit that CSS is frustrating, you would also know that it can actually be pretty difficult to build a responsive design properly. This is why I wanted to provide a framework for responsive web design principles. Something that will help you build out better responsive designs, without making the same rookie mistakes I did.

It is critical to mention that there is no ‘right way’ to build a responsive website. My hope is that you take this as a foundation to build your knowledge moving forward. Instead of getting lost in the noise of various unrelated responsive design principles. I can’t lie, when I first began my journey as a self-taught developer, I made _a lot _of mistakes when building out my website frontends. Most of which caused a lot of ‘bugs’ that were not intuitive to go back and fix without breaking at different viewports and browsers. So yeah…

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Solid Tips On How Get Better At Responsive Web Design
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