In this Excel Interview Questions and Answers video you will know the top Excel Job Interview asked by companies and master how to use excel, important ms excel formulas, excel tips and tricks, excel accounting, how to use excel vlookup, pivot table in excel, excel formulas and functions in detail to clear your excel job interview.

Why Microsoft Excel is important?

Microsoft Excel is the most-used spreadsheet program in the world. Excel can perform formula-based calculations and many other mathematical functions. The program also serves as a programming platform for Visual Basic for Applications. Because of its utility, Excel has become a staple in many enterprises.

Why should you opt for a Microsoft Excel career?

Microsoft Excel has proven to be advantageous for day to day business activities. The knowledge of Microsoft Excel has become essential for small business establishments to carry out their day to day business and reap the best results from their business. There is a huge demand for ms excel certified professional. The salaries for ms excel professional are also very good.

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