Which Is Better? Power BI Vs. Tableau

Power BI Vs. Tableau: A Useful Comparison
We can choose the best product depending upon the organisation’s budget and requirements. It is effortless for us to pick features such as maps support, coding language, etc. The Microsoft systems that are used by the Power BI are SQL, Excel, and Azure whereas Tableau is very much used to create beautiful visualisations.

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Tableau can see also more focused on bigger budget environments. Power BI is suitable for the toolset, and Tableau is very flexible to use.

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Power BI
Power BI is nothing but a business analytics service provided by Microsoft. The aim of it to provide business intelligence and interactive visualisations. It is a cloud-based service with the desktop-based interface. It can offer some warehouse capabilities like data discovery, data preparations, and interactive dashboards.

Features Of Power BI

  • Content packs
  • Print Dashboard
  • Get data source
  • Custom visualisation
  • Natural language Q&A
  • Tableau
    Tableau is a data visualisation tool which is used in the business intelligence industry. It can change the raw data into an understandable format without the requirements of the coding and technical skills. The data analysation is very fast in the tableau. The visualisations can be done in worksheets and dashboards. It can be used to provide actionable insights and creates dashboards.Get more skills from Power BI training

Features Of Tableau

  • Data Blending
  • No need of technical knowledge
  • Real-time analysis
  • Data Collaboration
  • DAX Analysis function
  • Power BI Vs. Tableau
    In recent times, both the power BI and Tableau are key performers in the business intelligence tools. Power BI is the younger invention than Tableau, but it is a very close competitor for Tableau. Both of them have their features, strengths, and weaknesses. They are suitable according to the requirements.

Let’s see the complete comparisons both Power BI and Tableau under the following parameters:

  • Deployment
  • Functionality
  • User Interface
  • Cost
  • Data Visualisation
  • Bulk data handling capabilities
  • Product support
  • Programming tools support
  • Integration
  • Deployment

The word deployment means to bring resources into effective action. When compared to Power BI, Tableau has more flexible deployment options. Tableau has got both clouds compared options and on-premises whereas Power BI is available in the SaaS model. If there are no requirements for the SaaS, then Power BI is doesn’t work for you. So, in this deployment parameter Tableau is the leader.

Here, the word functionality means how both the tools work. Tableau can able to answer the user’s queries, but Power BI is not capable of answering every question. The depth of Tableau is modernised than that of the Power BI.

User Interface
Tableau has an intelligent User Interface and can able to create the dashboards easily. Power BI Interface is very easy to learn whereas Tableau is a little difficult. Because of its simple usage, Power BI is more preferable for the users.

Tableau is costlier than Power BI. By building data warehousing in the tableau, we can get more out of it. Power BI is inexpensive, and the professional Power BI cost is $10. Tableau crost will be around $35 per user per month. If you want to start a business, initially it is best to go for Power BI and later on the move to Tableau.

Bulk Data Handling Capabilities
Tableau handles more data than the Power BI. Power BI faults handling bulk data very slowly which cannot use the import functionality. Tableau can manage huge data.

Product Support
There is no any particular differences under the product support category. Both can be used according to the requirements. But, Power BI is lagging in the few supporting systems because it is a younger invention compare to the Tableau.

Programming Tools Support
Both Tableau and Power BI connect very smoothly with programming languages. Tableau software is very much connected with the R language, whereas Power BI also combines with R language, but still connected with using revolution analytics.

Both the Power BI and Tableau integrates with the third party. Tableau has the capability in integrating with R language much better than the Power BI.

Data Visualisation
As we know that data visualisation means the representation of the particular data in the diagrams, charts, table form, graphs, etc. If the user is looking for the best data visualisation tool, then tableau is the option because Power BI concentrates more on reporting and predictive modelling. In the tableau, the information can be stored by using the Tableau server.

Both Power BI and Tableau doesn’t work on the same ideologies and principles. So, it is challenging for us to decide which is best. The user should understand which one to choose according to his requirements. The above parameters are beneficial for the user to decide what to choose.

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Which Is Better? Power BI Vs. Tableau
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