Synthetic data is widely used in various domains. This is because many modern algorithms require lots of data for efficient training, and data collection and labeling usually are a time-consuming process and are prone to errors. Furthermore, some real-world data, due to its nature, is confidential and cannot be shared.

Some methods, such as generative adversarial network¹, are proposed to generate time series data. However, GAN is hard to train and might not be stable; besides, it requires a large volume of data for efficient training.

This article will introduce the tsBNgen, a python library, to generate synthetic time series data based on an arbitrary dynamic Bayesian network structure.

Following is a list topics discussed in this article.

  • Introduction
  • Features
  • Instruction
  • Example
  • Conclusion

#python #synthetic-data #probabilistic-models #bayesian-statistics #machine-learning

A Python Library to Generate a Synthetic Time Series Data
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