Vue nodejs serverless dynamodb

Create Vue nodejs serverless dynamodb board

Creating a bulletin board using vue and serverless technology

Practice the concept of serverless using vue and a serverless framework.


Install from local PC

## Install backend API 
cd server
npm install
## Install front 
cd ../client
npm install
## Install test and distribution environment 
cd ..
npm install

Test on local PC

Execute Client, Backend, Database on PC using serverless-offline

first. How to run DB, Client, Server using 3 terminal windows
## run dynamodb locally
npm run db:local
## run vue client locally
npm run client
## Run lambda locally 
npm run deploy1:server
second. How to run DB, Client, Server at the same time using one terminal using concurrently
npm run start:local

How to deploy with AWS


Technology used


Vue: Frontend Framework 1 out of 3 Vuex: vue store Vue-router: router axios: HTTP communication library for calling API bootstrap: UI library for easy screen decoration vee-validate: Library for checking input value of input form


AWS api gateway: Amazon Cloud’s managed API service nodejs: Used for Javascript backend implementation AWS Lambda: Amazon Cloud’s managed function service jsonwebtoken: Token application for authentication bcryptjs: Password encryption moment-timezone: Since Korean time must be applied in Lambda, time library is required


AWS dynamodb: Amazon Cloud’s managed NoSQL database dynamodb-toolbox: A library that extends Dynamodb DocClient


  • Member function
  • Sign Up
  • login
  • certification
  • Change Password
  • notice board
  • Post List Search
  • Post registration
  • Post View
  • Post correction
  • comment
  • Comment registration
  • View comments
  • Delete comment

Features to be reinforced

  • Application of navigation guard to API to process authentication required pages
  • Separation of vuex store into modules
  • Apply Lambda function that functions as auth to AWS API Gateway
  • Security enhancement using Refresh Token
  • Dynamodb paging processing
  • See if you can apply GraphQL to simplify your API


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  • Vue nodejs serverless dynamodb is an open source project licensed under the MIT license.

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Vue nodejs serverless dynamodb
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