Click on the button and toggle different components

Hello everyone, I was working on a project where I have two buttons, and when I click one of them, the component changes.

In simple terms, it toggles components based on button clicks.

And for that, I have to think a lot and then I have done it. Many of you even want to build such type of functionality in your websites, so I am here to help you.

You need Node.js installed on your computer and create a new Next.js project with TailwindCSS.

Create a new Next.js folder in your preferred directory by the following command.

npx create-next-app toggleTutorial

It will create a Next.js app with the name toggleTutorial.

Now install TailwindCSS.

You can read more here,  Stop Using CSS and Bootstrap, Use Tailwind CSS Instead since it will save your time and do a lot simpler.

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Toggle Different Components on Click Using Next.js and TailwindCSS
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