Laravel 8 vue js Axios get request example tutorial. Here, you will learn how use vue js get axios request in laravel to fetch records from database and pass data blade to vue js components.

This tutorial will guide you step by step on how to retrive data from database using axios get HTTP requests and as well as how to render data on vue js components in laravel.

Laravel 8 Vue JS Axios Get Request

Just follow the following steps and make Axios HTTP get request in laravel with vue js and pass data blade views or controller to vue component laravel:

  • Step 1: Download Laravel Fresh Setup
  • Step 2: Setup Database Credentials
  • Step 3: Generate Fake Data
  • Step 4: Add Routes
  • Step 5: Create Controller By Command
  • Step 6: Install Vue Js dependency
  • Step 7: Create blade file and layout
  • Step 8: Run Development Server

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How to use Axios Get Request in Laravel 8 App
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