Creating reports using python is an easy task because we can use different python libraries and combine our exploration of the data with some meaningful insights. But sharing this report is not that easy because not everyone or your client is used to python so that he can open your jupyter notebook and understand what you are trying to tell.

Datapane is an open-source python library/framework which makes it easy to turn scripts and notebooks into interactive reports. We can share these reports with our viewers or clients so that they can easily understand what the data is trying to tell.

Datapane allows you to systematically create reports from the objects in your Python notebook, such as pandas DataFrames, plots from visualization libraries, and Markdown text. We can also choose to publish our datapane reports online by selecting the desired audience.

In this article, we will explore how we can create a data report using Datapane and publish it to an HTML file.

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Hands-On Guide to Datapane Python Tool for Reporting and Visualization
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