Box and Whisker Plot is a graphical representation that can be used to understand the measures of spread, variability, skewness and the existence of outliers in quantitative(numerical) data. Generally it is also known as the graphical representation of the 5-point summary .(Minimum,Maximum,median,25th percentile & 75th percentile)

The summary of the above Box & Whisker Plot

What this Box-Plot reveals?

  • Minimum & Maximum value in the Data set.
  • Median
  • Quartiles values
  • Skewness of Data
  • Whisker’s value
  • Outliers

Minimum and Maximum value can be interpreted from the plot. So the Range(Max. value — Min. value) of the data can be seen easily.

Box reveals some important information

  • Quartile 1(Q1) – 25th Percentile (Reveals first 25% of the Data )25:75 Ratio
  • Quartile 2(Q2) – _50th Percentile or _Median(Splits the Data into two equal Half) 50:50 Ratio
  • Quartile 3(Q3) – 75th Percentile(Reveals first 75% of the Data)75:25 Ratio
  • Inter-Quartile range - (Q3-Q1)- Contains Middle 50% of the Data that is around the Median.(Also known as Length of the box)
  • (Q3-Q2) and (Q2-Q1) contains 25 % of Data each. It also reveals about the Skewness of the Data.

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