There are many users who use free service of music streaming. I wanted to know the users who unsubscribe when the free service ends, so that we can offer them discounts to maximize the revenue.

Part I: What are the most popular artist across the users sessions?

Below is the screenshot of top15 artists across user sessions. Users prefer mostly Kings Of Leon and Coldplay.

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Part II: What is the distribution of level (free or paid) vs Churn?

We can see there are more users who take free subscription and then cancel when subscription ends.

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But surprisingly, when looking at all the events paid users are more than free users, as below.

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Part III: What is the distribution of gender vs Churn?

More male users than female users using the service and the number of events corresponding to male users is greater than the number of events for female users.

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Predicting Churn of Customers
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