Yes, you read it right. You can develop a python library in 3 hours or under! You don’t need to be a python expert either. For a simple library like Relabel, which I am going to talk about in this article, you just need to know the basics.

I am a machine learning enthusiast and I often work with large datasets that are not properly organized. So to solve this issue I decided to look up python commands that could be useful and I indeed found one.


My boyfriend had published a library a few days ago which would help you download images of your choice with just one command and that gave me the idea of publishing a library of my own! Definitely check out Tasveer, it is very helpful.

Before we get into the tutorial here are some of the prerequisites that you need:

  1. Knowledge of Basic python syntaxes
  2. Linux commands
  3. Accounts on PyPi

Let’s get started!

#pypi #python #machine-learning

Creating a Python Library in under 3 hours
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