Node.Js is a Javascript runtime environment and an open-source cross-platform. Javascript code is a server-side code and it is used for execution.

Node.Js is beneficial for developing applications, and that requires a connection from the perpetual browser to the server, and it is very much used in an actual browser. Node.JS performs 10 times faster on the client-side and less resource-demanding on the server-side.

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ExpressJS is a famous, fast and flexible Model-View-Controller(MVC). It gives a robust collection of features for web and app development.

It is designed for web apps and APIs. NodeJS works like middle-ware to help to manage our server and routes.


It is a powerful and robust framework that is used for developing APIs.

It was introduced by Eran Hammer in 2011 at Walmart while trying to handle the traffic on black Friday.

Hapi.js is a very well-developed plugin system and it has different key features like input validation implement caching, error handling, login and many more.

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Top 10 NodeJS Frameworks to Use in 2020
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