At the end of last article “An Easy Way to Draw Spider Charts on Tableau — Part I”, we left a question: how to provide a “web” background for our “spiders”.

There are many tutorial articles and videos to teach people how to draw a radar background using calculations on Tableau, but I found them a little bit so complicated and hard to understand. I developed this easy way to get a background “web” from Excel and imported the “web” as a picture into Tableau. It’s very easy and straightforward to follow, so why not try to start “weaving your own web” from now?

In this article, I will still use the same university ranking example in Part I to help you understand the steps better.

>>> Step 1: Draw a “web” at Excel

Since we have 6 categories of [Qualities], we should weave a web consisting of 6 corners at Excel as well.

Open an Excel > Copy the 6 qualities and their scores and paste them at Excel > “Insert” > “Charts” > “Radar”

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Delete all the titles, axes and labels on the chart > Delete all the score numbers

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Copy the chart at Excel and paste it as a picture at Microsoft Word > Save the web picture to your local device

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>>> Step 2: Import the “web” into Tableau

In the radar chart sheet, click “Map” “Background Images” > “Add Image…”

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Find your web picture in “Browse” > Select a proper level of “Washout”

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Weave a web for spider charts on Tableau with the help of Excel
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