Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning is the future of our new generation. It is a revolutionary technology that will shape our old ways into new methods with reliable, accurate, and faster performance. Artificial intelligence is a technique that enables computers to mimic human behavior. I want to define AI as the ability to process information to inform future decisions. Now, artificial intelligence is simply the field that focuses on building artificial algorithms that can perform better than human performance. Now the machine learning the subset of artificial intelligence. Specifically, it focuses on teaching algorithms how to do this task without being explicitly programmed to do the task. Let’s break down what is deep learning.

What is Deep Learning?

Now the deep learning is the subset of machine learning, which this idea one step further and says how can we extract the usage patterns to inform those future predictions and make predictions. It is the field based on learning and improving its own algorithms by training the artificial neural network.

The artificial neural network is inspired by human brains designed to mimic human behavior and learn.The artificial neural network is consists of many layers. The deep neural network is the type of neural network that can perform very complex tasks on structured and unstructured data like databases, images, sounds, text, etc. It is the fasted emerging field of machine learning and AI. All-overs areas of the industry are using it to create new solutions to problems.

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Introduction to Deep learning
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