Full-featured Data Table JavaScript Library – Grid.js



Advanced table plugin

A table library that works everywhere

  • Simple and lightweight implementation
  • No vendor lock-in. Grid.js can be used with any JavaScript frameworks (React, Angular, Preact or VanillaJS)
  • Written in TypeScript
  • Supports all modern browsers and IE11+


new Grid({
  data: [
    ['Mike', 33, 'mike@murphy.com'],
    ['John', 82, 'john@conway.com'],
    ['Sara', 26, 'sara@keegan.com']
  columns: ['Name', 'Age', 'Email']

Piece of 🍰

Getting Started

Documentation 📖

Full documentation of Grid.js installation, config, API and examples are available on Grid.js website grid.js/docs.


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Download Details:

Author: grid-js

Demo: https://gridjs.io/

Source Code: https://github.com/grid-js/gridjs


Full-featured Data Table JavaScript Library – Grid.js
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