In this episode of the podcast, we have the privilege of hosting Brett Harrison, the President of FTX.US, a leading US-regulated cryptocurrency exchange. Join us as Brett shares his expertise and insights on the world of cryptocurrency, drawing from his extensive experience in the industry. From his previous role at Citadel Securities to his career at Jane Street, Brett has been instrumental in driving innovation and technology in algorithmic trading systems. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the crypto market from a seasoned industry leader. 



00:34 - The role of FTX.US’ president

01:24 - About FTX

02:55 - Nontraditional brand marketing

08:05 -  Educating people about Crypto

10:46 - Being at the forefront of regulation

14:52 - Collaborating with other players in crypto

19:03 - FTX's policy in exchange and crypto

23:19 - FTX and NFTs

26:44 - CeFi / DeFi exchange and Cross-chains

31:36 - Building interconnectivity between centralized crypto exchanges

34:59 - Market hours in crypto?

36:33 - Process of evaluating a token

38:44 - Things he is hopeful for

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Brett Harrison - President of FTX.US - Ep #67
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