I wanted to build my website and have some semblance of a CI/CD pipeline in place to push changes from local development to production easily. I wanted to have a frontend and a backend deployed separately, communicating with each other.

I set up the Gatsby frontend site on Netlify, while the content was managed by Strapi deployed on Heroku. I also added customized webhooks to Strapi to trigger builds of the site via Github Actions workflows. Building the site on Github saved me precious minutes of build time on Netlify (You only get a limited amount of build minutes per month).

By writing this I hope that the reader can also set up his environment to comfortable build and manage a personal website.

This is not a tutorial on Gatsby or Strapi. There is a great tutorial about it here that does a better job than I will ever do.


I Built My Personal Website using Gatsby, Strapi, Heroku, Netlify and Github Actions
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