Arun A

In JavaScript development, Redux stands tall as a robust library designed to tackle the complexities of application state management. Historically, Redux has been a cornerstone in developers’ toolkits working on large-scale React applications. However, despite its initial prominence, several drawbacks have led to a decline in its popularity:

  • Complicated configuration setup.
  • Dependency on additional packages to use Redux efficiently.
  • Requires writing too much boilerplate code.

For more details, refer to the article You Might Not Need Redux.

Fortunately, the landscape of state management solutions has evolved, presenting the Redux Toolkit as an alternative. Developed in response to the aforementioned pain points, the Redux Toolkit offers a streamlined approach to development.

In this blog, we’ll see the advantages of Redux Toolkit, including its efficiency and simplicity compared to its predecessor.


Should We Switch from Redux to Redux ToolKit?
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