Ternary Operators, Truthy, Falsy, Logical Operators Not Or And, Strict Equality === and Loose Equality == - Complete Javascript Course - Lesson 15 - JS Basics
How to define and use ternary operator, Syntax of Ternary operator. What are truthy and falsy values. Why is Strict equality === preferred over Loose Equality ==. Understand the logical operators Not And Or in JS and how they return values with lots of examples and sample code.
00:00 Loose (==) and Strict Equality (===)
01:53 == vs === samples
06:47 Truthy and Falsy Values
08:08 Truthy Falsy Examples
10:31 Truthy Falsy - Exercise 1
12:25 Logical Operators
15:29 Logical Operators Samples
22:35 Exercise 2
24:11 Exercise 3
25:50 Exercise 4a
27:40 Exercise 4b
29:39 Ternary Operator
34:14 Ternary Operator Exercise 5
35:17 Ternary Operator Exercise 6
36:20 Ternary Operator Exercise 7
37:53 Ternary Operator Exercise 8
39:28 Ternary Operator Exercise 9

Complete Javascript Lessons and JS Basics playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC8jf7P7lriyvWJ1_QznCdneTxT_mURW4

Learn the complete Javascript in this video tutorial series. A must watch for all Javascript i.e. JS beginners and learners. With lots of samples, code, practice questions and projects, learn and master Javascript code. JS or Javascript is must for both front-end and back-development in javascript and the fundamental part of full stack developer.


Complete Javascript Course - Lesson 15 - Logical and Ternary Operators - JS Basics
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