Enterprises in the IT world forever look for the most adaptable and effective approach to build up tools for hosting the best services. As a result, many organizations are shifting away from VM’s to Containers.

Organizations might migrate to container platforms for different reasons — costs, scalability, operational expense, or the ability to quickly test their new application. So, one container-based model may not always be the best solution for all their needs, which is why many models of Container orchestration and management tools have developed, such as KubernetesMesos (DC/OS)ECSSwarm, and Nomad.

This blog will only discuss DC/OS and Kubernetes and what challenges you might face when migrating between these container platforms. We will also suggest some best practices that will help you mark the difference between a successful and non-successful migration between DC/OS and Kubernetes.


Migrating from DC/OS to Kubernetes: The Challenges You May Face
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