Raspberry Pi + Trusted Platform Module is an excellent way of understanding how integrity and trusted computing work to provide one major building block of establishing a trusted environment. In this talk, we discuss different ways of building a chain of trust on a Raspberry Pi and use it as a building block for constructing trustworthy IoT systems.

We will present how to use TPM at run-time and build upon the previous lecture with an example of how boot-time measurements can be taken on a Raspberry Pi. With this knowledge, we can expand this to actual trustable devices and explain the limitations of the Raspberry Pi, the requirements for IoT trust and how supply-chain security and firmware attacks can be mitigated using the TPM.

About the Speaker - Ian Oliver

Ian Oliver is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Nokia Bell Labs specializing in trustworthy and high-integrity Network Function Virtualisation “TelcoCloud” systems and on occasion the more theoretical underpinnings of privacy and privacy engineering. He also holds a Research Fellow position at the University of Brighton working with the Visual Modelling Group on diagrammatic forms of reasoning and semantics. He previously worked as the privacy officer for Nokia Services and for eleven years at Nokia Research Centre working with Semantic Web, UML, formal methods and hardware-software co-design. He has also worked at Helsinki University of Technology and Aalto University teaching formal methods and modeling with UML.

He holds over 40 patents in areas such as The Internet of Things, semantic technologies and privacy, as well as numerous papers in these areas. He is the author of the book: Privacy Engineering – A Data Flow and Ontological Approach.



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Trusting Your Raspberry Pi - An Introduction to the TPM and IoT
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