Laravel PHP K8s is a package that provides access to features offered by the excellent  renoki-co/php-k8s package in Laravel. The underlying PHP K8s package is a PHP handler for the Kubernetes Cluster API. With it, you can automate the management of creating, deleting, updating, etc. individual Kubernetes resources directly from PHP.

Here is an example of how PHP K8s provides an object-oriented way to generate Kubernetes resources and configuration dynamically:

use RenokiCo\PhpK8s\KubernetesCluster;

// Create a new instance of KubernetesCluster
$cluster = new KubernetesCluster('');

// Create a new NGINX service.
$svc = $cluster->service()
    ->setSelectors(['app' => 'frontend'])

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Manage Kubernetes Clusters with PHP and Laravel
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