Taxi App built on Docker, DRF & React.js

Taxi App built on Docker, DRF & React.js


  • Docker
  • Django Rest Framework
  • Django Channel
  • React.js & Redux
  • Cypress for react.js e2e testing
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis

System Requirements

You need Docker Engine and Docker Compose. Install it from Docker Website


Download the repository:

git clone

Permission Required

Before building the services update the permission of following bash scripts.

chmod +x server/ server/ server/

Build the Services

docker-compose build

Starting App

docker-compose up -d

Access the services in the development mode.

Open http://localhost:3001/ to access client service in the browser.

Open http://localhost:8100/swagger/ to access server service in the browser.

Run React.js Code Linter

docker-compose exec client npm run e2e

Run React.js E2E Testing using Cypress

docker-compose -f cy-run.yml run e2e

Run Python Code Linter & Formatter

docker-compose -f pre-commit.yml up --build

Create Django Coverage Report

docker-compose exec server ./

Download Details:

Author: ajithpmohan

Source Code:

#reactjs #react #javascript

Taxi App built on Docker, DRF & React.js
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