Recently, there has been a lot of talk around  GitHub Actions, and the wide range of features it can offer with just a simple YAML based workflow file!

Table of Contents

– What are GitHub Actions?

– What is APIMATIC Transformer?

– APIMATIC Transformer GitHub Action

– How does it work?

– How to create a Basic Authorization token using your APIMATIC account

– Steps to use APIMATIC Transformer GitHub action

– Summary

What are GitHub Actions?

GitHub Actions connects all of your tools to automate every step of your development workflow. Easily deploy to any cloud, create tickets in Jira, or publish a package to npm. If you want to understand how GitHub actions work and how to set up existing actions from the  GitHub marketplace then you should look at this  guide.

In this article, we will use  APIMATIC Transformer GitHub action for transforming API’s to the  supported formats by APIMATIC.

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GitHub Action for APIMATIC Transformer
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