Hey everyone! Welcome to another JavaScript Game walkthrough! In this game, we learn not only how to make the popular retro game battleships, but we team up with @codeSTACKr and @Web Dev Simplified in order to make it multiplayer and style it to the MAX!

In this walkthrough we will:

  • make 5 draggable ships
  • rotate the ships prior to dragging
  • make the computer take random goes
  • display results based on who has sunk whos ship
  • display the winner

This tutorial will be in pure JavaScript, so no canvas will be used.

We will not be focusing too much on the styling, this video will be all about the logic of the game. Please watch the next two videos in the series to have a completed multiplayer version that is styled.

#css #game-development #javascript #html #developer

Let's build BATTLESHIPS in JavaScript, HTML and CSS
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