No matter if you are manual or automation testers, most of the time, your team updates Web applications, you usually deal with repeating tasks and never-ending edits in the test scripts.

Because of that, there are two options provided from Katalon Studio – an easy-to-use automation testing tool- for you to get rid of that situation: Smart XPath and Self-healing Test.


This is Katalon Studio’s advanced and intelligent method to generate robust locators during the test recording phase automatically. This method produces new locators that are more maintainable and less vulnerable to changes in AUT than do Selenium. SmartXPath is available from version 5.7 of Katalon Studio.

If you want to apply this plug-in, here are some examples for you.

2.Self-healing Test Automation: The Solution to Object Locator Flakiness

Self Healing In Test Automation

Leveraging the idea of Auto-healing smart XPath, Katalon Studio launches a new Self-healing mechanism that is more advanced and comprehensive to tackle the issue of broken locator during execution. This powerful utility could reduce your test maintenance effort substantially, exceptionally when the test cases run in batch overnight.

2.1Self-healing Mechanism

When the self-healing mode is activated (by default), and Katalon Studio fails to find an object with its default locator, Katalon tries other pre-configured locators associated with it.

Self Healing Mechanism

If Katalon Studio finds an object by any of the alternative selectors; the Test continues running. Once the object which is broken is self-healed, then for the remaining execution the alternative locator finding the object is used for that particular test object which was broken. This helps shorten execution time by preventing self-healing from happening again and again with the same broken object.

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