Authenticate users with OpenID Connect authentication service (f.e. Keycloak) in browser, Electron, or Capacitor app

Main features:

  1. TypeScript support
  2. ESModule support
  3. Working with React, Angular and other popular front-end libraries
  4. Working in browser, Electron and Capacitor applications
  5. Logging user in using redirect to the auth service
  6. Getting user info claims
  7. Supplying access token for requests to the back-end
  8. Automatic refreshing of the access token with refresh token when it expires
  9. Logging user out from the application and from the auth service

How to use

1. Install library using npm

npm install tcomad-oidc --save

2. Import AuthService

import {AuthService} from "tcomad-oidc";

3. Initialize AuthService

new AuthService(config);

Config object fields:

  1. authority: URL to the authentication service (f.e. http://[host]/realms/[realm-name])
  2. clientId: ID of the application registered within authentication service
  3. (OPTIONAL) errorHandler: callback function that will be called in case of auth errors
    • Defaults to (error) => console.log(error)
  4. (OPTIONAL) autoLogin: Determines whether authentication should start automatically when page loaded
    • Defaults to false
  5. (OPTIONAL) electronRedirectUrl: URL which must be used to return user to Electron app
  6. (OPTIONAL) capacitorRedirectUrl: URL which must be used to return user to Capacitor app

4. Start login

Login will be started automatically if it was configured to do so, if no, you can start it by


5. Check login status

You can check login status with


6. Get user info claims

To get user info claim you can use


7. Get access token to make requests

You can get user access token with


8. Force refresh

You can force lib to refresh tokens and user info with:


9. Logout user

You can log out user from your application and authentication service with


Download Details:

Author: Misha999777
Source Code: 
License: MIT license

#electron #javascript

Seamless OIDC Authentication in Electron Apps with TC OIDC
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